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Management Support

Our clients are often technical experts in their respective industry sector but need management support to effectively manage their business. Rens, through its range of academic skill is able to provide the client with financial, marketing, operations and human capital support to ensure that the business is able to achieve its strategic objectives. The management of the business becomes a partnership between Rens and the client.

The management support usually takes place on a weekly basis (where Rens is onsite for the day) and the business is managed through weekly management reports and management meetings. This process has enabled a number of clients to grow their businesses on a sustained basis.

In addition to this Rens also manages the client's business on behalf of the client. Where Rens acts as the General Managers of the business, Rens is then responsible for the day to day management of the business, the financial performance and the overall growth of the business.

Whether we provide management support on a weekly basis or manage the business on behalf of the client the philosophy of “continuous improvement” underpins the various initiatives that are implemented in the business.

Our management support and management of the client's business has resulted in our clients receiving various awards. Rens has also received recognition from Business Partners in this regard.

  • Develop and Implement Growth Strategies.
  • Manage the Business on behalf of the Client (assume General Management role).
  • Management Support.
  • Human capital, Operations, Financial management, Production.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Organisational Re-alignment.
  • Client mentorship.
  • Quality Management Systems.