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Financial Services

The more we become involved with the management support of our client's businesses, the more we notice the financial management, proper accounting and financial record keeping is largely absent from the business.  Audited financials were blindly signed off, and often are not a true reflection of the state of the business.  In turn this would prejudice the clients ability to obtain working capital finance.

One of the principle reasons for businesses going under business rescue is the absence or lack of financial control in the business.

In order to fully support our clients we provide accounting support up to income statement level.  As we are involved in the business on a “hands on" basis we are fully aware of income and expense profile of our client's and errors and anomalies are easily detected and rectified.

The financial performance of the business is analysed on a monthly basis by one of our financial managers and reviewed with the client.  By doing so, corrective action can be taken on a timeous basis. This enables growth and profitability to be managed on an ongoing basis. The monthly review meetings provide for mentorship and skills transfer.

On behalf of our clients we provide the crucial link between them and their auditors.

Financial Services Product Offering

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  • Accounting.
  • Company Analysis.
  • Company Valuations.
  • Estate Planning.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Financial Modeling.